"Nothing in Moderation" This American Life, episode #478; November 1, 2012

additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; November 5, 2012

Original URL: http://tal.fm/478

On Saturday; November 4, 2012, just before the general election, my name was mentioned positively on the popular public radio program This American Life. The episode is officially dated Thursday, November 1, 2012— which was the day Chicago Public Radio officially published it— but it was aired the next Saturday. Our local affiliate New Hampshire Public Radio fell victim to a technical error, and aired a rerun of an earlier episode at 1 p.m., but they pre-empted another show at 4 p.m. to run this new episode.

The reporter Sarah Koenig interviewed me for an hour or so as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the East Coast, mostly about the Petitions & Redress Committee. I think she had been talking to others and didn't know if she was getting the whole story, so she called me at the last moment to get another viewpoint.  I ended up being the source for a few key facts.  I am mentioned about 46 minutes into the 60-minute episode.

Petitioner and State Senate candidate Josh Youssef was for whatever reason referred to here only as "this man."

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