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Durham, NH 03824 USA
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My email address is shown above, but it is there is for two purposes only:

  1. So readers, reviewers, resellers, etc. can contact me about my writings.

  2. So my friends (including new ones) can say howdy

If you are on your deathbed in an European hospital and need help setting up a charitable foundation in the US, please contact Jeb Bush!
If an American was killed in a frightful traffic accident in your country and left no will, please contact Richard Cheney!
If you need to verify my personal information, please contact Igor Stravinsky.
If you wish to send me a message written in the Korean language, please contact Kim Il Sung!
Do not send ANY messages of ANY type to: Joseph Stalin!
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My FOAF file

A while ago, I read some blog postings by Bob DuCharme about FOAF ("Friend of a Friend") files. It sounded cool, so I made up my own of my own, even though I am not quite sure who or what is supposed to look at it.

Privacy Policy:

My web site does collect cookies, as do many of the sites which I link to. I have SiteMeter bugs on many pages (probably, all my pages)— which will give me (and possibly the general public) some idea of where my site's web hits are coming from (although the data is not personally identifiable.) I also use Google Analytics to track my traffic.

My web server does keep a log of each hit, just like every other web server does. My logs are password-protected, and normally only myself and my associates will ever be able to see them. However, I do reserve the right to share the info from my log with third parties, including (but not limited to) other sites' system operators. I will normally do so only in case of abuse, technical difficulties, government interference, etc. I can — and frequently do — carry out reverse IP searches based on web log data. I reserve the right to install web analytics software to analyze the log file data.

If you operate a spider or other automated "bot" please observe the robots.txt standard and please clearly identify yourself. I reserve the right to block any traffic from any IP address, for any reason.

The banner ads and Google Adsense ads on my site are (with possible rare exceptions) provided by third parties. I do make an effort to select only reputable providers with strong privacy policies, but I am not responsible for their actions. These sites may use cookies, web beacons, etc. to track users. (Google in particular requires me to disclose this fact in a clearly stated privacy policy.) Providers with whom I am affiliated with include (but are not limited to):

I may have links to pages on my site or other sites which open to a new window. However, I have no plans to use pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.— with the exception of Amazon.com's Context Links (which are a form of pop-up ad, displaying related Amazon.com listings for selected keywords.)

Some of the links on my site lead to locations on the Second Life grid. Should you use one of these links, your avatar name and profile will be visible to any other avatars in the vicinity, and there may also be scripted devices recording your avatar's name or other data. If there is streaming audio or video on a given piece of land, the operator of the stream (which could be me, because I happen to have my own stream) can see your IP address, if you happen to be listening or watching it.

I do not have a merchant account. I do not plan to get one. If I ever do get a merchant account, I do not plan to use it on this website. Any incoming credit card payments will be handled through a standard, trustworthy third party such as Amazon or PayPal.

Email senders do retain a copyright on any copyrightable content sent to me or any of my associates through "*@TimothyHorrigan.com" mailboxes or any other addresses shown on my site. However, I nevertheless retain the right to share any information with my associates or any other third parties. Even if a confidentiality agreement happens to exist between myself and the sender, I reserve the right to share incoming emails with appropriate authorities in case of spamming, harassment, hacking, threats, or any other illegal and/or improper activity. Some of the "*@TimothyHorrigan.com" email addresses which are found on my site or elsewhere are "honeypots" set up specifically to lure spammers: these will be hidden where human users are unlikely to find them and/or will be labelled in a way which would discourage humans from sending messages to them. My site is based in the United States of America, where the law allows internet users to consider any and all unwanted and/or repetitive and/or irrelevant commercial email message to be "spam," regardless of any disclaimers attached to the end of that message. Any spams — as well as any spam-like messages which for some reason cannot legally be considered to be spam — may be forwarded to a service such as SpamCop. They may also be forwarded to webmasters or other interested third parties.

Notwithstanding the fact that some pages on this web site may deal with sexual issues, I am not granting you or any of your marketing partners permission to send messages about sexual enhancement drugs or techniques to any email address found on this site. The same goes for the email addresses on any other site which my site may be linked to.

See my email policy page for more info about incoming emails.

If I ever set up an outgoing email list, I will give recipients a working opt-out mechanism and all messages will include a working address for replies which will be monitored on a timely basis.

All personal data will be collected only for a specific purpose (e.g., to collect a mailing address so I send you a copy of one of my books) which will be clearly explained at the time of collection. In the unlikely event that I need to verify your personal data, I will first tell you what your existing records say and I will explain exactly why it needs to be verified.

Postings to blogs, guestbooks, etc. will become my property, unless I explicitly agree otherwise. I reserve the right to delete, redact and/or edit any irrelevant, incomprehensible, misleading, plagiarized, illegal or outdated postings — along with any other postings which I simply don't want on my web site.


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