Petition 24: the Donovan Petition

Additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan

(member of the House Petitions & Redress Committee)

Note from Rep. Horrigan: Mr. Donovan brought in no documentation whatsoever (aside from his own brief summary) to the initial hearing on January 31, 2012. He claims he mailed in a voluminous amount of documentation, and he even told the committee on May 3, 2012 how much he paid to mail it. (Nine dollars.) But for whatever reason that documentation is missing from the official file .

For various reasons, I have decided to redact almost the entire petition, and to not reprint his summary. I will just say that there was a dispute over a parenting plan.



TO: The Honorable House of Representatives
Petitioner Representative Stephen Schmidt, Carroll 4
October 17, 2011
Grievance of William J. Donovan, III

Your Petitioner Representative S. Schmidt on behalf of William J. Donovan, III, hereinafter presents the following summary of his grievance involving Marital Master Ann Barber [redacted] and invokes the constitutional authority and duty of the Honorable House of Representatives pursuant to Articles 31 and 32 to bring about redress:

Grievance involving Marital Master Ann Barber. who ordered [redacted]


Master Ann Barber refused to acknowledge the findings and recommendations [redacted]

Wherefore, your Petitioner prays that the House of Representatives consider this proposed remedy:

  1. That Marital Master Ann Barber be formally charged with misconduct.

  2. That the House hold a formal hearing to show that Marital Master Ann Barber should be removed from her position.

Respectfully submitted by Petitioner Representative S. Schmidt on Behalf of William J. Donovan, III.

This petition was the first one heard under a new set of (mostly unwritten) rules where complainants (at least those complaining about family-law issues) are not supposed to discuss the personal details of their cases.

At Mr. Donovan's hearing, this new rule made for a somewhat unenlightening discussion on January 31, 2012, since his petition was all about the personal details of his family's case. Mr. Donovan filed the petition in response to a series of allegedly incorrect and injurious decisions made by a certain Marital Master Anne D. Barber, supposedly based on her misunderstanding of the facts of the case. Her name was spelled slightly wrong: her first name is shown in the petition without the "e."

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