My 2015 Legislative Session Page

NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan; December 29, 2015

I should have put this 2015 legislative session page (and its accompanying pages) up sometime around New Years Eve 2014-2015, but I never did so. In retrospect, am not sure why. I was feeling depressed, and I had some health issues, but I wasn't in that bad shape. In December 2014, I decided to hope for only three things: to get a good seat assignment in Representatives Hall, to get a seat assignment (good or bad) next to the same colleagues I had been sitting next to since 2011, and to be elected to the Executive Committee of the Strafford County delegation. I got none of those things. That was bad. Especially, my seating assignment was very bad indeed: I was seated in the exact middle of a row of 15 seats, surrounded entirely by first-year members. I don't even have a seat-back pocket for my papers: my seat-pocket is under my seat.

But lots of good things did happen. On the very first day of the session, December 6, 2013, the Democrats and the remaining sane Republicans manged to prevent the infamous tea-partier Bill O'Brien from being elected Speaker. In January, Governor Maggie Hassan mentioned a couple of the bills I cosponsored in her inaugural address.

Rep Horrigan, Cloutier & Gorman waiting for Gov Hassan Inaguration #nhpolitics

— katbeep (@katbeep) January 8, 2015

Those two bills didn't pass but some of my other bills did.

2015 Bills I Sponsored or Co-Sponsored

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