Kelly Services on Second Life

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I happened to notice, while perusing the web site of a Second Life marketing company called Wishfarmers, that Kelly Services has a Second Life island. It's a fun island: Wishfarmers did a great job putting it together.

Kelly Services also happens to be the primary supplier of Measured Progress's educational test scorers. (This is not a big enough part of Kelly's business to be mentioned on the Second Life island.)

The Second Life island was originally keyed to Kelly's marketing campaign, which has been running since at least mid-2007, and now it is the focal point of the campaign.The island and the two web sites are well worth a visit. And people actually are visiting the island!  The coordinates of the Second life site are:

You may even get helped while on the island, which is very cool: Kelly has several greeters who work there.  The folks at your local Kelly office are unlikely to even know that Kelly has a presence on Second Life— but it's still cool.   The island is designed to funnel you to the Kelly Career Network site, and if you are lucky you will eventually be called in to the local office to spend an hour or two or three filling out redundant forms.  And if you are really lucky you will get some assignments perhaps even at Measured Progress...

I wouldn't bother mentioning Second Life to your supervisors at Measured Progress: They will have absolutely no idea what you are yammering on about. And I doubt that Measured Progress will be putting up a Second Life presence anytime soon.

There are some temp agencies which do hire temps to work on Second Life. Kelly's island, I believe, is primarily designed to recruit for First Life jobs, although they do hire a few temps for Second Life assignments.

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