My November 1, 2010 Letter to Foster's Daily Democrat

Additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; November 1, 2010

I wrote this letter to the editor of three local papers abut my 2010 campaign for the New Hampshire House; only the Dover (NH) Foster's Daily Democrat ran it. My 15 minutes of infamy are long over, and the letter was relegated to the website only. It did not appear in the dead-tree edition. I wrote it on October 22, 2010, but it took ten days for the paper to run it.

The paper did run a previous letter in the September 30 print edition.

Original URL (subject to linkrot over time, like all newspaper weblinks) for the November 1st letter to the editor:

To the editor: I have been campaigning hard this fall to return to the New Hampshire House, even though I made the mistake of resigning my seat in August. My resignation was made in haste after I made some comments about Sarah Palin which were widely misconstrued. I bear no personal animosity to Ms Palin, and I hope she comes here to New Hampshire and gets to know us. All the other 2012 Presidential hopefuls, including President Obama, are working hard in New Hampshire to lay the groundwork for our upcoming Presidential Primary. The other candidates realize that we Granite Staters know how to sort out the serious candidates from the pretenders.

The Presidential Primary is over a year away. The General Election is a few days away. I am asking each and very one of you in Durham, Lee and Madbury for one of your six state-representative votes on November 2nd, 2010.

Protecting our "First in the Nation" Presidential Primary will be one of my legislative priorities. I also plan to work hard to preserve the integrity of our elections, to protect our personal freedoms, to bring more fiscal sanity to the state budget, and to make sure UNH continues to be one of America's great state universities. Along with my district-mate Janet Wall, I was one of only 38 state representatives out of 400 who made every roll call and attended every session day during the last two annual sessions. I cannot guarantee a 100% attendance record next biennium, but I can guarantee that I will keep working hard for all of you.

Timothy Horrigan


Timothy Horrigan (in black) with State Rep. Gina Hutchinson
Manchester, NH; October 12, 2010
photo courtesy of :
Jerry Sneirson

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