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Copy of Official Kelly Services Email

Commentary by Tim Horrigan, October 21, 2005

Just for the heck of it, I clicked on one of Kelly Service's listings, and they eventually sent me the following response. They are trying to do all their Denver Measured Progress hiring at job fairs at the Aurora unemployment office. There are a few unusual things to keep in mind:

  1. You need your college transcripts! Or your original diploma will do in a pinch.

  2. Don't admit to anticipating even the remotest possibility of missing any days of work during the project— aside from Thanksgiving and Black Friday. (The project is likely to end long before the ostensible end date. And in practice nothing terrible happens if you miss a day of the project, as long as this is a totally unexpected and isolated occurrence, if ya know what I mean.)

  3. Don't count on there being any day care at the work site. Or even anywhere to eat lunch.

  4. There's no flexibility on the hours or days— not on your end, at least. Measured Progress can and will send you home early for no pay, with no advance notice, whenever they run out of work for you to do. There's little or no overtime available, by the way.

  5. No one is likely to call you to let you know you've been hired (or not) till the latter part of the week before you start. This is not Kelly's fault. Measured Progress's decisions are usually fairly reasonable, but a decision will always come at the last possible moment, and no one will ever bother to explain what the rationale (if any) for it was.

  6. You must have a fax number as well as a phone number for each of your references.

  7. Kelly wants all your addresses for the past ten years (yikes!)

  8. The pay is only eleven bucks an hour BUT you might able to get medical benefits, since you are working for Kelly. As I recall, you need to work a lot of hours to be eligible, however— way more than you can get just from this gig.

  9. You need a bachelor's degree, unless they can't find enough qualified people, in which case they will settle for 48-60 credit hours.

  10. You need to fill out the attached job application (in MSWord format.) As usual, you also need an I-9 form. In case you don't know, you need proof of ID and of work eligibility: e.g., social security card plus driver's license OR just your passport (even an expired one.) I actually do not know if US citizenship is a requirement for this job: I don't think it is.

  11. Click here for my (smaller file size) version of Kelly's form (MS Word 2000 format.)

  12. The “paid training” is likely to be pretty perfunctory. And don't expect any feedback on your job performance if and when you start working.

From: Mailbox 1656 EDS Maxtor

To: Mailbox 1656 EDS Maxtor

Subject: Kelly Services Job Fair Information & Partial Application (for Assessment Evaluator Positions in Aurora, CO)

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 16:41:10 -0400

(Please note: this letter is in response to the email you sent Kelly Services regarding the Assessment Project we are currently staffing.  If you have already attended one of our job fairs after sending your initial email, please disregard.)


Dear Applicant,

We received your resume and appreciate your interest in the assessment project that we are currently staffing.

In this position, you will be responsible for reading and scoring elementary and secondary standardized student achievement tests in various grades and content levels.  Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor's Degree.  However, a few special projects will accept candidates who have completed 48-60 college credits, including two classes in the subject matter they will be scoring.


(* Please note: because of the time-sensitivity of this project, you need to be available to work the entire shift, Monday through Friday, for the length of the project - November 7 through early to mid December.  However, you will have Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving off.)

Please attend one of these fairs so we can have you complete our application process, and interview you for the position.

As a timesaving measure for you, we've attached part of our application below.

You may print this, complete it, and bring it with you to the job fair.

Job Fair Dates: The job fair location is: at the Arapahoe/Douglas County Workforce Center at 14980 E. Alameda Drive, Aurora, CO 80012 Tuesday, October 25th from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Wednesday, October 26th from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

It is very important that you bring with you the following material to your hiring interview:

Finally, we have attached an electronic copy of our application.  Please print off this application, complete it, and bring it to your interview.

Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you at one of our job fairs! Kelly Services (866) 238.9853 Fax: (303) 444.3191

(See attached file: Electronic_Employment_Application.doc)

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