My June 17, 2007 Foster's Daily Democrat/ Sunday Citizen Letter

By Timothy Horrigan

This is a letter to the editor which I wrote in response to a June 10, 2007 editorial in Foster's Sunday Citizen which jointly attacked Presidential candidates Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich. ( Foster's Sunday Citizen is the Sunday edition of my local paper, the Dover, NH Foster's Daily Democrat. It also serves as the Sunday edition of the Laconia Citizen— which is published by the same company.)

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Richardson and Kucinich mischaracterized

To the editor:

Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich should, on some level, be flattered that your editorial board saw fit to denounce them in a June 10 editorial. They are both strong candidates who are being ignored by the media.

I would like to say your criticisms were way off the mark. You sneered at Richardson's suggestion that the USA should boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics by saying: "Somehow Richardson believes the country of the Tiananmen Square massacre and one that dictates how many children families can have gives a hoot whether the United States attends the games."

Gov. Richardson's recent foreign policy experience is limited to three years as Bill Clinton's secretary of energy, along with a brief stint as the ambassador to the United Nations. It's not as if he has ever served on the editorial board of a small-town newspaper in New Hampshire or anything of that nature. But actually this time he is the one who is right. An American boycott of the Beijing Olympics would make a huge difference to the Chinese.

Aside from the economic losses a boycott would cause, our absence would be noticeable — not just because we are the most powerful nation on Earth, not just because we are the Chinese biggest trading partner, but also because we have one of the strongest Olympic teams. In 1980, we actually did boycott the Moscow Olympics in what was then the communist Soviet Union, and that boycott made a huge difference— as did the Soviets' 1984 boycott of the Los Angeles Games.

You also mischaracterized Rep. Kucinich's health-care plan. You can read the plan for yourself on www.Kucinich.US. It does not call for "government-mandated price controls." It is in fact a fairly conservative single-payer health plan which he sums up as "enhanced Medicare for everyone." It would, in fact, give patients and medical providers more control over treatment, and it would take control away from the bureaucrats at the HMOs and insurance companies.

Timothy Horrigan

Kucinich with artist and political commentator Mike Dater; Portsmouth, NH; Super Sunday 2007.

(Both Kucinich and Dater are artists, but that is someone else's work on the wall.)

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