The 2016 Presidential Election: "Ready for Anyone But Jeb"

Timothy Horrigan; last revised August 25, 2016

(photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore & Wikimedia)

Every four years, I like to put up a page with information about the various candidates for President of the United States. This time around, just like in 2008, the early frontrunner was Republican Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush. He never even officially entered the 2008 race, but back then the other candidates' mantra was "Anyone But Jeb!" There were dozens of other Republicans in the race, too many to keep track of.  They were all conservative, none of them a were afraid to make tough choices, they all hated Obama, and they all believed in American exceptionalism. With a few exceptions, they were all crazy.  The craziest one of all, reality-TV show star and eccentric real-estate magnate Donald Trump won the nomination. On the Democratic side, the debate is between those who were "Ready For Hillary" and those who are not. Only two other serious candidates stepped forward, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor (and Baltimore Mayor) Martin O'Malley— or maybe three if you count Vermin Supreme. Bernie hung in there till the last primary, but Hillary eventually won the nomination. In 2016, the mantra for Republicans, Democrats and others  was "Ready for Anyone but Jeb!" And even though none of us seems very pleased with how the Presidential election has been going, we did get one of our wishes fulfilled: Jeb dropped out very early and has not been heard from since February 2016.

Hillary Clinton: The Woman We Are All Ready For

We all know he she is.  Although, speaking as one person who has met her several times, I will say that she is a lovely woman who is the exact opposite of the conservative media's stereotype of her.  She is soft-spoken, funny, remembers everyone's name and is 10,000 times sexier than Sarah Palin. And I speak as a man who has seen both women in person at close range.

Donald J. Trump, Reality-TV Star

Donald Trump in Las Vegas; courtesy of Gage Skidmore

(photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore & Wikimedia)

I think Trump's campaign was intended to be a satirical publicity stunt, a la Gracie Allen's 1940 campaign, but things went way out of control and he ended up becoming the Republican nominee.  Lord help us, he might even win the Presidency.

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