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commentary by Timothy Horrigan; October 26, 2011 & December 20, 2011

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There are several famous people named Bob Greene. The Bob Greene who is running for the Democratic nomination for President is not one of them— at least he is not famous yet. He filed, by mail, for the 2012 New Hampshire Primary on October 26, 2011. He will be running against President Obama, Darcy G. Richardson and a few others.

His contact info, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office is:

Bob Greene, Mountain View, CA (433 Sylvan Avenue #1, Mountain View, CA 94041) – filed by mail


Presidential candidate Bob Greene

His address indicates that he is a man of contradictions: he lives in one of the wealthiest cities in America— in a trailer park.

He started his campaign without a web site, but he has one now:

On December 1, 2011, he put out the following press release:

NASHUA, New Hampshire (December 1, 2011) – Today Bob Greene kicked off his New Hampshire Democratic primary challenge to President Obama.

His campaign stated that Dr. Greene's central message will be a comprehensive energy plan, one that will provide virtually all our energy needs for a thousand years, and then some.

 "I have been disappointed that none of the Presidential candidates have tackled the tough issue of America's energy future in a meaningful way," said Dr. Greene. "I intend to educate all of the candidates about an achievable path to energy independence based upon the Thorium fuel cycle. We had a Thorium reactor working in the 1960s, but we walked away from it because you couldn't really make bombs from it."

Dr. Greene continued, "For power production, the Thorium cycle beats the Uranium and Plutonium cycles in almost every respect. Thorium is plentiful, safer, cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient. It produces far less and shorter-lived waste. It can also be used to safely consume the existing stockpile of nuclear waste."

Leslie Kittenbrink, Greene's campaign manager, pointed out that the country needs individuals of Dr. Greene's caliber to step forward and help the country sort out complex technical issues. "Dr. Greene has a Ph.D. in Physics and decades of technical business experience at Adobe, Gerber Scientific Industries and Wang Laboratories. Politicians, in general, just don't have the right background," stated Ms. Kittenbrink. "Recently, Dr. Greene pointed out that the draft report to the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology from a 'blue-ribbon commission' titled The Challenge of Used Nuclear Fuel Management (Oct. 27, 2011) was woefully incomplete because it failed to review the benefits of the Thorium fuel cycle. Billions of dollars are at stake here."

 "It's easy to dismiss this as just a technical issue," Dr. Greene said. "But the implications are immense. If we get this right, we can virtually eliminate importing oil, stop oil wars, create jobs and an export-oriented industry, reverse our trade deficit, eliminate power plant CO2 emissions, and stall man-made climate change. We will then be able to use the dividends to finance our domestic agenda from updating infrastructure to social programs. This is not a political or partisan issue. This is National Security."


Dr. Greene resides in Mountain View, CA. He was born and raised in Lowell, MA. He is perhaps the only one of the 44 candidates in the primary who has fulfilled the climbing requirements of the New Hampshire 4000-ft Club.


Contact Leslie Kittenbrink, Campaign Manager for more information on this release or to schedule an interview: Greeneforoffice@gmail.com

Learn more about the Greene campaign: http://www.Greeneforoffice.org

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[December 20, 2011] Dr. Greene (he has a Ph.D. in physics) appeared at a lesser-known candidates forum at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH on December 19, 2011.  He extolled the virtues of the radioactive element thorium, saying, "we have enough thorium for all of our energy needs over the next thousand years." (Like uranium, thorium is a radioactive metal which is reasonably abundant in the earth's crust and whch in its most common isotope is very stable.  Thorium is very stable indeed: thorium-232's halflife is a little over 14 billion years, which is comparable to the age of the universe.) See:


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