The Original Axis of Evil

Extra! The term "Axis of Evil" was not invented by Karl Rove in 2002. It dates back to the mid-1990s, and was coined by neoconservative hardliner Yossef Bodansky:

George W. Bush on the phone with John Kerry after stealing the 2004 electionIn the fall of 2004, I stumbled across an old document on the Federation of American Scientists' web site which casts light on Bush II's horrible decision to use 9/11 as the main pretext for a disastrous war against Iraq. In August 1991, in the waning days of the Bush I Presidency, Bill McCollum and Dana Rohrabacher chaired a committee of leading Congressional rightwingers who ginned up a report entitled Tehran, Baghdad & Damascus: The New Axis Pact. The report was actually written by two Neo-Con polemicists, Yossef Bodansky & Vaughn S. Forrest. Bodansky & Forrest weave an ingenious tissue of lies and distortions, and they invent the concept of a 3-pole axis of evil (although Syria instead of North Korea occupies spot no. 3 in this early version.) This document shows that the second war on Iraq was planned 15 years ago (12 years before the 2003 invasion), and would have happened in 1993 if Bush I had not lost to Clinton.

There are many eeriely foreboding quotes in Tehran, Baghdad & Damascus: The New Axis Pact. For example:

[A] diplomat in Baghdad said he was worried by Saddam Hussein's complete confidence that he was stronger than ever since the [first] Gulf War. "When he is like this he tends to come up with disastrous ideas like the war with Iran and the invasion," he explained. "All this makes me wonder what he might be planning next."

Bush II won re-selection in 2004, and although all sorts of complications keep arising to delay the inevitable, he's still going to go to war with Iran! And probably Syria and North Korea as well.


Another 1992 paper by the same two writers also foreshadows the current effort to start a war with Iran:

Extra! Exactly ten years after House rightwingers released
Tehran, Baghdad & Damascus: The New Axis Pact, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich and other House progressives released a report entitled The Case For Peace, which accurately predicts the disastrous results of Bush II's war. Click here for Congressional Record transcript from September 18, 2002.

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