Someone Else By the Same Name

There are at least two other famous Timothy/Tim Horrigans out there. I am occasionally confused with both of them.

Tim Horrigan

He is a Southern California based keyboardist and composer, best known for his work with the roots-rock band Blue Mama. According to their web site, John Hammond once said, "These guys are great." I do not disagree with his judgment.

For more info:

This Tim Horrigan's current day job is teaching English at Northwood High School in Irvine, California. He is rated highly by his students, although one kid whined that "Some grading is done by talent as opposed to by effort... which sucks for people that have no talent." (Hey honey, the whole non-high-school world grades that way!)

Also in Orange County, he moonlights as a Music Director for the South Coast Repertory.


In the fall of 2005, he was the Music Director for the SCR's production of Bunnicula. This is a musical about a vampire bunny named Bunnicula, written by Joe Klein, based on the classic children's book by Deborah and James Howe The eponymous leporine was played by Mauri Bernstein, who specializes in portraying cuddly household pets with occult powers: she was the puppeteer who gave life (though not voice) to Salem, the cat on the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Timothy J. Horrigan

He is a well-known defense consultant, who builds computer models of war scenarios. In the mid-1990s, during the Clinton Administration, I did some climate-modelling work for the Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Lab for a project related to a hypothetical ground invasion of North Korea. (We concluded this would be a bad idea, but if Bush II wants to invade North Korea, I assume he will do so, regardless of what our work shows.) I suspect I got mixed up with the other Timothy Horrigan, since my security clearance was much too low for the nature of the work.

Horrigan Analytics does not have a web site, but here is an interesting (though possibly outdated) paper which is a sample of the type of thing he works on. Actually, maybe it's not an outdated sample, since who knows what the new post-Bush II Iraq will turn out to be like?: Rand Corporation: "Capabilities for Major Regional Conflicts".


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