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The Forgotten Liars is just one of the books I have completely and/or partially written. Some of the others include:

Loudon Blues

A suite of 200 one-page poems, inspired by Jack Kerouac's Mexico City Blues, although my poems are very different than his. The title refers to Loudon, NH, where the New Hampshire International Speedway is located. Some of the poems are about racin', though most of them are about love and jealousy. The poems are all about what was happening in my life in the summer of 2003, when I was going through a breakup, a platonic yet intense quasi-affair with a married acquaintance and various other complications. I am not sure how to revise this work before publishing it at some point.


Nirvana Free Zone

Billy McEwan, the hero of the Forgotten Liars, is in his mid-30s in 1993, and is rusticated in a dead end situation in a small college town in northern Vermont. But then he falls in love with Zilpah Ducharme. She does not think much of Kurt Cobain, which is why she has declared her room a “Nirvana Free Zone.” But her life turns out not to be a Cobain-free zone. This is the only one of my books written more or less during the time frame I was writing about: I started it around Thanksgiving 1994 and finished it a couple of years later (not counting subsequent revisions.) In 2000, I adapted this book into a screenplay.

Halfway Up and Neither Up Nor Down

In this two-book series, Billy and Zilpah are living reasonably comfortably in DC and working on the Hill as legislative aides. But they give up the peaceful Hill Rat life to go out on the Presidential campaign trail in 2000, first for Senator Nathan Weinberg (D-NH) (Benjie Weinberg's father) and then for Congressman Dante Wingfield (D-CA.) Benjie Weinberg and the Prem Ananda from The Forgotten Liars play major roles in these books. My fictional campaign is not as weird as the real 2000 campaign, but it comes close. (I wrote most of these two books in 1997 and 1998, though I did eventually add an ending where the Republican Governor of Texas wins by the narrowest possible margin. I need to tweak them a bit before they could be published since by now the 2000 Presidential election happened several years ago in real life.)

Kate Fairlee and Jealousy

This is another two-book series with a very long gap between the two halves. In Kate Fairlee, Gerard Healy tells us how he became the bass player for Tammi Honig's band the Blimps, and he also tell us how he became the lover of the ill-fated Brat-Pack superstar Kate Fairlee. Kate is now little more than the question to a $200 80s Trivia answer on Jeopardy, but back in the day she was as big a star as Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy. I will probably change the title of this book before I finish it, since Kate is turning out to be a less interesting character than most of the other people in her fictional universe.

Tammi is Kate's most hated rival, though not vice versa. (Tammi doesn't hate Kate at all.)

Jealousy takes up Gerard's story in the summer of 2001, when his life is a very, very low ebb indeed. Kate Fairlee was a project I started in the early 1990s, when I was living in Orford, NH. (I named Kate after the adjoining community of Fairlee, VT.)

After a couple of years then I got stuck, but then took up again in 1996 and finally in 2004 after I sent the MSWord file of The Forgotten Liars off to XLibris to be typeset, etc. The first time I got stuck, my excuse was that I didn't know how a movie star like Kate would commute to the set in the morning. In 1996, I spent a week or so as an extra on the set of Jay Craven's film Stranger in the Kingdom. My first full day on the set, I saw the great Ernie Hudson driving himself to the location in a very ordinary Ford Taurus station wagon. So now I knew that Kate drove herself to work in the morning just like anyone else. Except, she wouldn't drive a Taurus.

Ironically, Kate is a very bad driver. Ernie Hudson, on the other hand, seemed to be a very good driver.

Jealousy is a project I started in the summer of 2003, at the same time I was working on Loudon Blues. The part I have written is mostly about sexual jealousy, though I will definitely work financial and artistic jealousy into the story.

 [September 9, 2009] I have made some T shirts etc. inspired by the political events of the summer of 2009:

Health Care for Most!

Rainbow Gadsden Flag

Cover Snakebites! Gadsden Flag


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