2004 Lesser Known Presidential Candidates Forum

New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Manchester, NH

January 6, 2004

additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; December 28, 2011

Every Presidential election cycle, a few weeks before the New Hampshire Primary, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (which is part of Saint Anselm College) holds a "Lesser Known Presidential Candidates" forum. In 2004, the "first in the nation" primary happened extraordinarily late in the year— on January 27, 2004, which was the fourth Tuesday after New Year's Day. Hence the forum was actually held in 2004 rather than 2003.

The highest vote getter amongst the fringe Democrats was Lyndon Larouche (a native of Rochester, NH), who got 90 votes. He outpolled a quote-unquote "serious" candidate, former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, who only got 83 votes. (She officially dropped out 12 days before the primary, endorsing Howard Dean.) On the Republican side, the dark horses had a clearer track because George W. Bush was running (almost) unopposed. Richard Bosa, the former mayor of Berlin, NH, finished second to Bush II with 841 votes.

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