Justin Bieber's “Baby” Video

(One of the most hated videos of all time)

additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; December 9, 2011

During my December 8, 2011 commentary on Rick Perry's extraordinarily bigoted (and widely ridiculed) “Strong” campaign ad, I said that it was well on its way to overtaking Rebecca Black's “Friday” as the most hated YouTube video of all time. Precise numbers are hard to come by, but appears that the most hated video of all time is in fact “Baby” by Justin Bieber. Bieber's video has garnered over 2 million dislikes since May 31, 2010 (although it also has over 1 million Likes.) Rick Perry's “Strong” is probably going to top out at about a million or so dislikes (with just 20,000 or so likes.)

Baby” is a pleasant little pop song whose video takes interracial romance for granted. It is annoying to an old timer like me that such a simple little ditty about puppy love requires five songwriters, two producers, a breakdancing stunt double, and a cameo by the rapper Ludacris. I can remember when it took only one or two songwriters to craft a pop single, and when a song contained a spoken-word section, singers simply spoke for themselves. (And I also remember when dancing was a sin and beer came in a bucket.)

Be that as it may, it is remarkable that a struggling Presidential candidate who is way back in the polls can inspire the level of revulsion usually reserved for harmlessly untalented teenage pop stars.

Original URL: http://youtu.be/kffacxfA7G4


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