Video of the December 20, 2012 NH House Rules Committee Meeting

additional commentary by NH State Rep. Timothy Horrigan; December 21, 2012

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On December 20, 2012 the newly appointed New Hampshire House Rules Committee met to (logically enough) consider revisions to the House Rules for the 2013 session. Speaker Terie Norelli is the chair of that committee but for whatever reason she skipped the meeting, giving her gavel to popular House Majority Leader Steve Shurtleff. About 100 people showed up, many of whom (myself included) planned to testify. The committee opted to take no testimony, with the official explanation that this was a Rules Committee meeting, not a hearing. (However, in the past, the Rules Committee has often taken testimony.) The big issues of the day were guns in Representatives Hall and the fate of the Redress of Grievances Committee, and there were also several less contentious issues. I was going to acknowledge that the committee made many mistakes but I was also going to recommend that it should continue.

Here is the most complete available video, by former State Rep. Kevin Avard:

Here is BikerBillNH's video, which has been professionally edited down to 38 minutes, and includes an interview with Rep. Dan Itse as a coda:

Finally, here is a 75-minute video in three parts by videographer Daryl W. Perry. I am not sure why the aspect ratio is off.   I can be seen in the background at one point.  Part #3 is for some reason only 1 minute long:

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