"LolliBank"aka "It's Not the Money Man" aka "Citizens Bank"

Timothy Horrigan © 2008

[September 26, 2008] Sometime in 2005, I downloaded a .mp4 or .mov of a Citizens Bank commercial from somewhere for some reason. I can't remember why.

The original commercial made the point that this was a friendly bank by showing some snappy patter between two good-looking thirty-somethings, one of whom banks with Citizens Bank, the other of whom has an ordinary unfriendly bank. I used it to practice editing with iMovie: I cut it apart, and put it back together in a way which highlighted the erotic tension between the two rival bank customers.

During the great financial meltdown I added a soundtrack: 41 seconds of "It's Not the Money Man" by the great Philip Shelley (cowritten by the equally great Danny Wattenberg and featuring some hot trumpet by Steven "Blood" Bernstein.) And then I put it up on YouTube. It has gotten a few hits.

You can also download the original video from:

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