"I Got a Crush on Obama"

(commentary by Timothy Horrigan, June 15, 2007)

The 2008 campaign has seen a proliferation of unofficial campaign videos. One of the more amusing such videos appared in June 2007— a sexy love song about Barack Obama. Aptly entitled "I Got a Crush on Obama." The tune is by a young Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter named Leah Kauffman, but the sultry "Obama Girl:" babe who lip-synchs in the video is actually a model named Amber Lee Ettinger. (Kauffman does appear in the video herself: she can be seen holding up an Obama 08 T shirt which Ettinger playfully lunges for.)

This video turns out to have been a publicity stunt by a startup company called BarelyPolitical.com, which runs a new web site which will (if it gets off the ground) be devoted to the sexy side of politics.

Here is the video:

It's a nice little song with a cute video, made up of vignettes of Ettinger watching Obama on TV, flirting with his cardboard cutouts, and dancing around New York and/or Philadelphia. However, it is likely to inflame certain passions and prejudices, since Ettinger is white (although not blonde) and Sen. Obama is black (and young and handsome to boot.) You can see some pretty bizarre comments attached to BarelyPolitical's YouTube posting. Like, for example, some moron who calls himself JShanks whined that "Obama is extremist Muslim (He converted for political reasons), he is a racist (Look at the church he belongs to), He is involved in the Rezko ethics scandal. I wouldn't trust this guy with a potatoe gun let alone the White House." (Obama is not a Muslim; he never was a Muslim; Islam is not a "racist" religion; he belongs to a mainstream Protestant church which he attends regularly; and the "Rezko ethics scandal" is a fairly boring case involving a Chicago real estate developer who has been accused of getting kickbacks.)

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