Paris Hilton's "Celeb" Campaign Ad

Commentary by Timothy Horrigan; August 5, 2008

One of the sillier televison spots of the 2008 Presidential campaign was John W. McBush's.— I mean John McCain's— "Celeb" video". This spot, which was released on August 1, 2008, tried to equate Barack Obama ("the biggest celebrity in the world") with Paris Hilton & Britney Spears.

This is Paris's 90-second response, where she announces her own candidacy for President. She lounges in a chaise longue in a tiger-striped bathing suit and actually outlines a fairly intelligent energy plan. She is leaning towards Rihanna for Vice President. Neither Paris nor Rihanna are currently eligible to be elected President:. They are both under 35, and Rihanna is not even a "natural born citizen"— but they are both (like Obama) hot.

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