September 28, 2012 Redress Committee Press Conference

additional commentary by Rep. Timothy Horrigan, member of the House Redress Committee; October 1, 2012 & December 2, 2012

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On Friday, September 28, 2012, New Hampshire State Rep. Kevin Avard hosted a press conference starring Speaker Bill O'Brien, highlighting the (alleged) achievements of the House Petitions and Redress of Grievances Committee. Various committee members and petitioners were in attendance, and as Rep. Avard aptly notes on his YouTube page, I was in attendance but not standing with the committee. Ironically one of the committee's basic rules was blatantly violated during the press conference: two members of the public held up a sign with the names and faces of two minor children on it. (Although it happened anyway, we had a rule against naming minor children during our proceeedings.)

O'Brien signalled his intention to keep the committee in existence should he be re-elected Speaker after the 2012 General Election. [He wasn't re-elected Speaker: he barely hung on to his seat, and his Republicans ended up being the minority again.]

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Rep. Kevin Avard has done several TV shows about the House Redress Committee. I have gotten a fair amount of crap from leadership for talking about the petitions on my web site, but Rep. Avard has been producing a cable TV series and a YouTube channel, with (as far as I know) no crappy reception whatsoever.

A few of Kevin Avard's "Speak Up!" videos:

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