Ron Paul's March 6, 2008 Concession Video

Commentary by Timothy Horrigan March 8, 2008

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Even though the mainstream media never even acknowledged that he was in the 2008 Presidential race in the first place, Ron Paul stayed in the race until March 6, 200— when he acknowledged that "conventional victory" was "not available in the political race." Even though I am a leftwinger, I am glad he ran. He said many things which needed to be said— especially that the American empire is disintegrating as our economy declines and our money loses its value. Moreover, he is the only candidate who recognizes that America can't even afford to be an empire.

Here is his video:


Extra!Shortly before Dr. Paul suspended his 2012 campaign, his old campaign videos disappeared from YouTube, ostensibly for copyright reasons.  His 2008 concession video was one of them.

  • "YouTube Removes RonPaul2008dotcom- CENSORSHIP IN ACTION!"

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     Just before the concession video came out, two humongous megaprim Ron Paul signs suddenly sprung up near my land in the Okemo Canyon region. My neighbors sold a couple of small parcels to a "land baron" who is also a Ron Paul supporter. My family and I are thinking of putting up an Obama and/or Gravel display.

    Ron Paul signs on the Okemo Gorge sim
    Okemo Gorge: 9/9/117

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