I Get Dissed By Ronald Reagan's Son!

Additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; August 19, 2010

I used Michael Reagan's name to make a point during the floor debate on HB 1510, "AN ACT relative to grounds for divorce for persons with minor children." My fellow Strafford County representative Warren Groen (R-Rochester) had said that his "hero" Ronald Reagan thought that signing a no-fault divorce bill (while he was Governor of California) was the worst mistake of his political career. I got a cheap laugh by asking Warren if he would believe that Ronald Reagan was the first divorced President and would he also believe that his children from his first marriage, Maureen & Michael Reagan, turned out just fine. Actually I am not sure if Michael turned out "just fine"—since he comes across as a jerk— but he is a reasonably productive member of society who makes more than my $100year salary.

In any case, here is some video of Michael Reagan attacking me on FoxNews, Friday the 13th, August 13, 2010. I do appreciate the effort the hostess Megyn Kelly— that's Megyn with a "Y" as in "yellow" and Kelly with no "E"— made to keep the almost indistinguishably similar names "Tim Horrigan" and "Keith Halloran" straight. Even though she never thought to have her staff call me up to see if I wanted to comment, she demonstrated that she is a serious professional journalist.

OriginalFoxNews URL: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4310583/democrats-wishing-death-upon-sarah-palin/

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