Dr. David Vandenberg's February 21, 2012 Testimony
concerning New Hampshire House Petition #11

additional commentary by Rep. Timothy Horrigan; February 26, 2012 & March 9, 2012

Original URL: http://youtu.be/fu-fe-Vg0VQ

Joshua Youssef (who filed New Hampshire House Petition #26) came to David Vandenberg's February 21, 2012 hearing (on House Petition #11) and videotaped the whole thing. (I suppose I should add that this was actually digital video: no one uses videotape anymore.) Youssef posted it to YouTube as a single 218-minute long video (about the same length as Gone with the Wind.) I have only watched a little of it: for me, the most interesting section takes place between roughly the 20-minute and 35-minute marks when there is an uproar over my presence on the committee. I was disappointed to see that I didn't sound as pissed off as I was feeling.


The petitioners often come in taking it for granted that they can tell us who can be on our committee and how we are allowed to deal with their petitions. In this case, Dr. Vandenberg's demands were ignored and I got to stay on the committee. We did lose a member that morning: sadly, Rep. Jim Waddell (R-Hampton) submitted his resignation (just from the committee, not from the House.)

The 218 minutes of video were shot over a total elapsed time of seven hours, from 10am till 5pm. The hearing was recessed for about half an hour while chairman Paul Ingbretson conferred with the Speaker, and later we took a lunch break and spent an hour or two hearing another petition.

In case you are wondering what type of Doctor Dr. Vandenberg is, his ex-wife says he has a Ph.D. in comparative literature.

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