Waffle House: Southern Classic Cookin' Video

Starring Doug Fallon

commentary by Tim Horrigan; August 3, 2010

Original YouTube URL: http://youtu.be/nx21Fv12UDk

My cousin by marriage, Doug Fallon, is starring in a Waffle House video! (His wife's mama and my mama are sisters.)

He plays the crucial role of the Man in Denim at the Side Counter in a catchy new Waffle House video. It is part of their "Southern Classic Cookin' Tonight" series. The story begins when a young lady who seems a little too thin to be dining at Waffle House (although their food is quite good) puts on some music on the jukebox. The other ladies in the joint get up and dance to the song, which has the same melody and chord structure as ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man." Doug's character notices the dancers immediately but it takes him a while to loosen up and join in.

I hope I am not spoiling the ending when I point out that Waffle House doesn't serve pancakes, but its menu goes far beyond waffles. Well, not too far: the Waffle House does stick to classic Southern cooking. Doug is, by the way, the person who designs the very stylish menus.

This video makes me want to run out and go to Waffle House, but sadly the closest location to my house is 269 miles away in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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