2014 Petitions to the New Hampshire House

Additional commentary by Rep. Timothy Horrigan
last revised: May 19, 2014

It seems a little silly to be listing the 2014 House Petitions, since there will be no House Petitions and Redress Committee in 2014. However, even though the committee itself was abolished, members can still file petitions on behalf of citizens. The petitions could theoretically be sent to policy committees. Two petitions were formally filed during the pre-2014 bill-filing period, back in the fall of 2013.

These two petitions should not be confused with the various petitions to be found on the "NHRedress.info" web page. Even though various state reps have their names attached to them, those petitions have no formal standing. The NHRedress.info people believe that there is a "Legislative Constituency Bills Process" which the House and Senate must use to meet in joint convention to hear those petitions="../ but their theory is based on a very selective interpretation of certain 18th and 19th century historical records.

(Dan Itse, May 2012)

Dan Itse filed a petition on behalf of one of the parties to a complicated divorce/child custody case. No action was taken on the petition, and I think it is best to not even to mention the name of the petitioner. I will say that Rep. Itse and his petitioner sought "an audit of the Family Court Division to determine if any courts or judges have a preponderance of appeals; an investigation of any such court or judges for malfeasance or maladministration; and a cap on support orders."

Bob Luther, who served with me on the Judiciary Committee this biennium, filed a petition on behalf of a divorced mother named Ann Marie Moynihan, who in my opinion (and Rep. Luther's, obviously) has been poorly served by the court system.



petition for redress of grievance on behalf of Ann Marie Moynihan.


(Prime)Robert Luther

Rep. Luther filed a petition in 2013 on behalf of the same woman. She continued fighting her long running divorce/child custody case throughout 2013. The fact she had filed her previous petition became one of the issues in the ongoing court proceedings.

The following summary appeared in the January 17, 2014 House Calendar. No action was taken on it.

Representative Robert Luther on behalf of Petitioner Ann Marie Moynihan.

This grievance against the 10th Circuit Court Family Division seeks to have the House of Representatives determine whether or not there was maladministration the part of the Division in Brentwood; determine whether court orders are in violation of NH statutes and NH and US case law and constitutions; investigate whether impeachment proceedings should be brought; propose various amendments to state statutes; establish a committee to propose conflict management resolution for parents and children; and provide restitution, financial and otherwise, to the Petitioner.

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