“Measured Progress Announces Opening of New Facilities”

This press release is dated February 21, 2007 in the News & Media section of Measured Progress's web site, but was published in local newspapers a couple of weeks later.

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Measured Progress Announces Opening of New Facilities

Dover, NH— Measured Progress has opened new facilities in Rochester, New Hampshire; Louisville, Kentucky; and Longmont, Colorado, to help address the company’s growth as a provider of educational assessments and professional development to K-12 schools, districts and states nationwide. 

The 78,000-square-foot Rochester facility will be used for outbound distribution and warehousing. Measured Progress chose this location because of its proximity to the company’s Dover headquarters and because of the area’s diverse and skilled local workforce. “We think that the population base in Rochester will be well-suited to our needs,” said Donald Wilson, assistant vice president of operational services. 

The Louisville, Kentucky, facility will serve as a hub for distribution, as well as for scoring of statewide assessments. Of 100,000 total square feet, 70,000 will be dedicated to distribution, while scoring operations will take place in the remaining 30,000 square feet. 

“These facilities have given us the ability to increase our distribution capacity significantly, enabling us to meet the needs of current and future clients,” said Wilson.

The facility in Longmont, opened last year, provides 35,000 square feet of space for scoring. Both this scoring center and the one in Louisville were chosen because the cities offer highly educated and diverse labor forces. During peak hours, each will employ more than 800 test readers, scoring constructed-response items for a variety of assessment contracts. 

The addition of these facilities to those already operating in Dover and in Albany, New York, has more than tripled test reader workstations. Armando Anzures, director of scoring services, said that Measured Progress expects to fill all of these workstations to capacity, in both daytime and evening shifts, notably increasing the company’s scoring capabilities. 

“In 2004, we scored around four million tests,” he said. “We scored 25 million in 2006 and we expect to score even more than that in 2007.” 

Anzures is pleased with the impact the Longmont and Louisville centers will have on scoring operations. “I’ve been working hard to expand our capabilities,” he said, “and I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to establish these facilities.”

 October 6, 2009

Jeff Woodburn published a critical article about New Hampshire's educational test scoring program in the September 25, 2009 New Hampshire Business Review, using some material from this website, with my permission (no worries.) He also interviewed me. The headline was "Can standardized exams adequately assess writing skills?" The URLs for the article are:

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