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Courtesy of Trinity College, Dublin : True Random Number Service!: http://www.random.org

Randomly-Selected Fellow Authors:

Jenny Siler, mystery writer and social satirist

Michael Bérubé: the former drummer for the Normal Men

Catherine Lloyd Burns: actress, memoirist & scenariste

 A Random Discovery..:

The late Merv Griffin is best known for creating the classic game show Jeopardy. He also wrote the catchy theme music, and I am sure you all know the tune. But do you know the lyrics for this song?

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Random Celebrity Pages on my site:

 Columbia-related readers may be interested in my half-dozen excerpts from my novel "The Forgotten Liars," each of which is set at a specific location on Morningside Heights:

My old employer, Measured Progress, Inc. has been advertising my old job as a test reader/scorer.

The chairs are comfortable and you do get free coffee! There are worse things you can do for ten or eleven bucks an hour.

"There is no magical release from the past, there is only responsibility for it."
From "You Are Not the One Who Gets Loved" , by Adi Da Samraj

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