I Get Dissed By Rush Limbaugh!

Additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; August 19, 2010

I have been a longtime listener to the Rush Limbaugh program, since way back in 1990. I occasionally have over the years tried to dial the call-in line, 1-800-282-2882. It has always been busy. I think it's a bogus number: I have found that it is busy 24/7, even when the show's not on. My friend and colleague Rep. Dan Itse did get on once. Although Dan is unstoppable, he is also not the sort of person who would sit there for hours and hours repeatedly hitting a redial button. He probably found some alternative means of getting in touch with Rush's staff. If Rush wants me to call in and be pummeled, his people are free to get in touch.

In any case, here is my August 12, 2010 moment in Rush's spotlight, courtesy of the DittoCam:

Original YouTube URL: http://youtu.be/z07n775T0HA

(Actually, he never quite gets around to mentioning my name. He names Halloran and someone named Natch Greyes and then he goes on one of his riffs and then he goes to commercial. Natch Greyes is, as far as I know, not actually a Paul Hodes staffer: he is a freelance political consultant who describes himself as "a progressive moderate who is dedicated to finding sensible solutions to the complex problems of today and tomorrow." He did do an internship with the Hodes campaign, which is listed on a web networking site, but that happened a while back. This past internship was evidently mistaken for a current staff job. This is not surprising: Republicans don't do fine distinctions, like the distinction between "Past" and "Present.")

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