My "Secret Life of Brittany Murphy" Video

Timothy Horrigan; September 26, 2008 & December 20-21, 2009 & January 14, 2011 & December 16, 2011

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[September 26, 2008] Sometime in 2005, I downloaded two .mp4 or .mov files of paparazzi video of Denise Richards and Brittany Murphy. I can't remember why, but it was probably because they are hot. I decided to cut them and paste them back together, as practice in using iMovie. And to make it hotter I implied some sort of erotic tension between the two stars.

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 [December 20, 2009] I was shocked and profoundly saddened by the sudden death of Brittany Murphy. Her cause of death has been rather tautologically described as "cardiac arrest." She had been having a hard time lately: she had been fired from a film a few weeks before her death, reportedly because she was being difficult to work with. I won't be shocked if her death turns out to be a drug overdose, a suicide or both. But I knew nothing of her troubles. I chose her for this video merely because she seemed so cheerful and happy and ordinary, even as the paparazzi (and the autograph-seekers) made a fuss over nothing in particular. Regardless of how she died, she was a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her, and it is a damn shame she died so soon.

I was inspired to make my video, which was a mashup of two or three random paparazzi videos, after watching many videos of Paris Hilton, such as the "Paris & Paris" video where she walks across a parking lot with a her then-fiancee, whose name was also Paris.

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