Jenna Bush Hager Offers Ellen & Portia the Use of Her Parents' Ranch

Commentary by Timothy Horrigan, May 29, 2008

Jenna Bush Hager and Laura Bush were guests on the Wednesday, May 28, 2008 edition (actually taped a week earlier on Thursday, May 22) of The Ellen Show The primary purpose of the visit was to promote child literacy, and Jenna & Laura's new children's book, the instant classic Read All About It!

But, the subject of marriage did come up. Jenna had just married her sweetheart Henry Hager in a private ceremony at her parents' ranch in Crawford, Texas. The hostess Ellen DeGeneres plans to be marrying her sweetheart, Portia DeRossi, soon while gay marriage is legal in California. Jenna offered her the use of the ranch, as a beautiful and private venue for the ceremony. (Gay marriage is not legal in Texas, so for technical reasons I suspect Ellen & Portia will choose a different venue.)

Jenna also showed us some new pictures of the wedding, some of them somewhat more candid than the official ones I have on my Bush-Hager Wedding page.

And here is some YouTube video. One oddity is that the leadin music as Jenna & Laura walked in was the song "Lady Marmalade", which has lyrics which are sexual in nature —and partially in French!

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