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The 23 Source Texts of Adi Da Samraj

Timothy Horrigan

Copyright © 2005 Timothy Horrigan

  [December 2, 2008] This page was severely out of date even before the Avatar Adi Da had his madasadhana— or to put it in worldly terms, he died— on Thanksgiving Day 2008. The 23 Source Text project hasn't progressed that much since I last revised this page in early 2007: by my count six volumes haven't come out yet, and a seventh morphed into a four-volume series (only one volume of which has been published.) The count remained the same through late 2008, although some volumes were re-issued in revised versions in 2007.

However, the last few years of Bhagavan Adi Da's life were extraordinarily productive. He wrote a new series of discourses which coalesced into (amongst other things) a new masterwork— his "first and foremost" work— called The Aletheon. The offiical story of his passing now romantically says he completed this masterwork (and judging by the excerpts I have read, it is truly his most incredible masterwork of all his masterworks) on the morning of his madasadhana. Two of his personal assistants told a sweet but less dramatic story at a web conference few hours after Adi Da's passing. The Adi Da finished a draft of the book, and then went a week or so without doing any writing, which for him was highly unusual. He continued all his other customary activities, but he did no writing. Then, on Thanksgiving morning, he briefly picked up the draft after this unusually long break and made a few seemingly minor changes to the cover copy. And finally, he left his body that afternoon.

Other late works will become another book entitled The Gonsoticon. Also, The Mummery Book (Source Text #6) was expanded into a creative trology, The Orpheum. And there are doubtless some unpublished books which will appear over the coming years. For more info, see Chris Tong's Adidam Books page:

This is by no means a definitive bibliography of Adi Da Samraj, but I thought it might be useful to have a page which lists His 23 Source Texts. For more information check out the following web sites:

If you have any contact at all with Adidam, you will hear people referring to the "23 Source Texts." This is a little confusing, since Adi Da Samraj has published more than 23 books: literally hundreds of books, actually! However, there is a canon of 23 books which collectively will (when finished) constitute the definitive transmission of his teachings. Just to make things even more confusing, at least two attempts have been made to publish a complete series. Both series were published by Adidam's own publishing house, the Dawn Horse Press.

Starting in 1997, what I call the "little white books" began coming out: this was a uniform series of mass-market-sized paperbacks with white and gold wrappers. As far as I know, only 7 of the 23 texts actually came out in this format, i.e., all five of the Heart of Adidam Revelation books as well as the first two Companions of the True Dawn Horse books.

In 1999 or so, the "big black books" began to supersede the "little white books." This new series consists of trade paperbacks, with cover designs (usually) featuring one of the Adi Da's own black and white photographs. Several books changed names from one series to the other, and volumes #12 and #13 in the Companions series traded places. The "little white books" were printed in very large numbers, and are still available today. One final source of confusion is the fact that the already-published volumes from the newer series are already being revised.

The Source Text sequence begins (or ends, depending on how you look at it) with an encyclopedic volume called The Dawn Horse Testament. This book first came out in 1985. The most recent edition is the 2005 hardcover whose dustjacket uses a similar design to the "little white book" series.

If a more or less current edition of the book is available on, you can click on the name of the book. No link may mean that no edition at all is available, or it may mean that a new edition is available from Adidam only, or it may mean that only outdated editions are available. The most complete selections are those of the Dawn Horse Press itself and of the Adidam Emporium. Some of the books have been translated into other languages: I have heard that the German editions make for especially wild reading.

Dawn Horse Testament cover

The Five Books of the Heart of the Adidam Revelation

  1. Aham Da Asmi: Beloved, I Am Da

  2. Ruchira Avatara Gita

  3. Da Love-Ananda Gita

  4. Hridaya Rosary

  5. Eleutherios

The Seventeen Companions to the True Dawn Horse

  1. Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light
    The spiritual implications of the equivalence of light (i.e., energy) and matter.

  2. The Truly Human New World-Culture Of Unbroken Real-God-Man

  3. The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God

  4. The Knee of Listening
    Adi Da Samraj's spiritual autobiography. The 2004 edition has a color photo of Adi Da Samraj on the cover, though otherwise the design fits into the "big black book" series. It has been issued in many sizes and shapes over the years.

  5. The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar
    This is the updated version of the book The Method of the Siddhas, a popular massmarket-sized paperback collection of early teachings. In the summer of 2005, a volume entitled My "Bright" Word was published — the first of several volumes of a projected series entitled The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar. The plan now seems to be that Book Five of the The Seventeen Companions to the True Dawn Horse series will come out in four volumes.

  6. The Mummery Book: A Parable of the Divine True Love
    A surrealistic autobiographical novel, which has been adapted into a 10-hour-long "Prose Opera" which is presented once a year or so, usually in January at the Mountain of Attention sanctuary (near Clearlake, CA.) I have not yet experienced the entire prose opera, though I have seen video excerpts and I did read an earlier edition of the book. The Mummery is a hilarious and frightening riff on Franklin Jones's happy and relatively normal childhood in 1950s Long Island suburbia. The hero, an innocent lad named Raymond Darling, goes though what on some conventional level might appear to be trivial adventures: he takes the train into the City with his dad, he goes fishing at an Upstate lake in the summer, etc. But in reality Raymond lives through the bizarrest and most mysterious legends imaginable. The Mummery Book has been released in several editions: a CD audiobook (2001) and a "standard edition" trade paperback (2005) are both part of the current Source-Text program.

  7. He-and-She Is Me
    Money, Food & Sex, with the emphasis on the latter.

  8. Ruchira Shaktipat Yoga

  9. Ruchira Tantra Yoga

  10. The Seven Stages Of Life
    The 7th Stage is where Adi Da Samraj exists. The 1st stage is where an infant exists. The average adult operates most of the time at a Stage 3 or 4 level.

  11. The All-Completing and Final Divine Revelation To Mankind
    The final revelation is just the half-way point of the journey!

  12. What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy
    A primer for children (of all ages), which exists as a picture book as well as a standard big black book.

  13. No Seeking / Mere Beholding

  14. Santosha Adidam

  15. The Lion Sutra

  16. The Overnight Revelation Of Conscious Light

  17. The Basket Of Tolerance
    Adi Da Samraj's annotated bibliography of other teachers' teachings.

The Dawn Horse Testament:


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