Oh, Yes, Obama! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Did Will Do!

Timothy Horrigan © 2009-2012

Even though I worked very hard to get him elected, I still find it hard to believe that Barack Obama is President. I am used to having idiots like George W. Bush running the country. I am used to my side, which is usually the socalled "Left", being out of power. I am used to the Left being regarded as a fringe group which cannot speak for itself (and the Left is still regarded that way by some: Rush Limbaugh for example is still making a good living setting up and burning down his leftist straw men.)

I have many great memories of Election Day 2008, but perhaps the greatest came around 9pm that night, when it was obvious that Obama had won. I was at a party at a little bar in downtown Dover, NH and a crowd of high school aged volunteers were outside the window looking in and chanting "Obama! Obama!", like Christmas carolers a month too early. I felt like telling them that it usually isn't like this, that usually the good guy loses— but then I realized that maybe it can always be like this. (They were allowed into the party, by way: it was an all-ages event.)

I actually went to college with Barack Obama. He is a few years younger than me, and a President being younger than me is a milestone in my life. I knew him a little: he was a quiet guy who studied a lot and partied a little. I have seen him drinking and even smoking. My novel The Forgotten Liars is set on the Columbia campus the same time the future President was there, though none of the characters are based on him.

  [Dec. 29,  2011] I have put up pages about the 2008 and 2012 "Lesser Known Candidates" forums at  the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.  In 2012, all the Democratic challengers to President Obama are lesser-known.  One of them,  John Wolfe, is a pretty good candidate, but I am still In for Obama!

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