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commentary by Timothy Horrigan; December 10 & 28, 2011


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Someone named John D. Haywood from Durham, NC filed, by mail, for the 2012 New Hampshire Primary on October 26, 2011. He will be running against President Obama, Darcy G. Richardson and a few others.

His contact info, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office is:

John D. Haywood, Durham, NC (PO Box 61419, Durham, NC) – filed by mail


Presidential candidate John Haywood

I was hoping this John Haywood would be the champion banjo player from deep in the Appalachians, but he is in fact a lawyer from the Research Triangle. It looks like he has never held (or even run for) office before, but he does have a well-thought-out platform which harkens back to the real policies of the real mid-20th century: i.e., big-government capitalism. His campaign website is: HaywoodForPresident.com

He lists his campaign priorities as:

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