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commentary by Timothy Horrigan; December 9 & December 28, 2011


Someone named Ed Cowan, from Moretown, VT filed for the 2012 New Hampshire Primary on October 27, 2011. He will be running against President Obama, Darcy G. Richardson and a few others. Unlike most of the other Dark Horse Democrats, he actually went to the trouble to drive down I-89 to Concord to file in person at the State House.

His contact info, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office is:

Ed Cowan, Moretown, VT (1151 Stevens Brook Road, Waterbury VT 05676) – filed in person

He just recently put his campaign website up, and he is also a contributor to OpEdNews.com. He is the author of the book Terminal Planet Or Green Earth? Here is his capsule autobiography, as of sometime between 2006 and 2009:

Ed Cowan attended high school and the University of Texas in Austin, getting his BA in English in 1964. In 1965 he moved to Vermont, became a writer, and spent ten years, most of it on the staff at Montpelier High School after manning a fire tower for two years. He received his MA in Creative Fiction from Goddard College in 1974, having studied under the novelist Tom McHale. He left in 1975 to teach school for two years in the Australian outback and Sydney. He published five articles in his second year there to raise traveling money for a trip on around the world, and one of those articles he published in eight European magazines while traveling about Europe on a Eurail pass.

Mr. Cowan has lived in over a dozen states in the intervening years, usually supporting himself as a teacher, and he has traveled extensively in nearly all states. He has also published articles and essays in newspapers and magazines, and his book, Terminal Planet Or Green Earth? was published by Xlibris in 2006. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he is an avid outdoorsman who still plays tennis, bikes, and skis.

Ed Cowan has a good grasp on the real priorities our nation faces, and he wants to challenge Obama on what his plans are to deal with those priorities. Ed says on his website that the top 5 problems our planet faces are:

  1. the nuclear-tipped arms race, number one because it is the only problem that can destroy us (with ozone coming up quickly on the outside rail) and because by solving it, we can save trillions of dollars,

  2. excessive population and population growth,.

  3. the stagnant, self-cannibalizing, super-wasteful, global, corporate market economy,

  4. disparity between the rich and poor within nations and disparity between nations, and

  5. the environment, the Master of Ceremonies Problem that never leaves us, that we solve only in degree; if you do not agree, Mr. President, what are the top five problems of the planet and where, sir, is your plan to solve them?

On December 12, 2011, Cowan released a series of campaign videos:

  1. "The Heart of My Campaign"

    Original URL: http://youtu.be/ppmn2kWHFwI

  2. "How Do We Get Organized on Earth?"

    Original URL: http://youtu.be/cXQTRCKhy4Q

  3. "The Big Enchilada: Corporations Are the Problem"

    Original URL: http://youtu.be/L9lXBMuwhNY

  4. "Busting the Super Bowl of Greed"

    Original URL: http://youtu.be/ZjvhsHg6_fo

And, on December 19, 2011, Cowan appeared at a Lesser-Known Candidates Forum at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, where he had this to say about the problem of wealth disparity:



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